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Progressive Language, Inc. (PLI) is an innovative educational media company dedicated to bringing language learning to life for the second-language learner.

PLI's team of language research and analysis experts, technology specialists, and academic program developers is made up of distinguished professionals, including:

  • Jeffery Connor - Linton, PhD, chair of linguistics, Georgetown University.
  • Susan Carkin PhD, Intensive English Institute, Utah State University.
  • William King, MA, Professor, Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management.
  • Heather McCallum-Bayliss, PhD Georgetown University.
  • John Britt - Live Production, KNME TV Albuquerque, NM.
  • Stephanie Farrow, MA Education and curriculum designer.

Our Objective
PLI programs were developed to reduce the frustration in learning English by energizing the learning process. With the realization that language is more than vocabulary and grammar, PLI provides the critical element in achieving English fluency by engaging learners in essential cultural practices and practical skills. This approach increases student motivation and the acquisition of listening comprehension, non-verbal communication, speaking, and reading fluency.

Our Methodology
PLI's patent-pending learning methodology begins with authentic sources of language, such as newspapers, television, radio and live conversation. Our language analysis tools allow us to determine the high frequency language "core" - that small portion of the language that is used 80% of the time. We create programs to maximize use of that core.

Our process is articulated through the latest in video streaming, computer technology, and interactive Internet applications, bring the most current and relevant uses of the language directly to the learner.

Formalized Language Training + PLI Immersion = FLUENCY