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Build a Brighter Future for your Child
Language skills are becoming more and more valuable and the best time to learn a second language is at an early age.
Your child can establish the foundation for success with Blue Wolf & Friends. Our program introduces your child to 500 words - the first and relevant words in developing a working knowledge of English. Our teaching methods are fun, interactive, and guaranteed to motivate your child.
The Blue Wolf & Friends Advantage - Accelerated Fluency
Our program provides:
  • Engaging programs to maintain and increase your child's interest
  • Native English-speaking children
  • Reinforcement activities to do with your child
  • Assessments that allow you to track your child's progress
  • Flexibility and unlimited repetition of programs via the Internet
What makes Blue Wolf & Friends unique?
Blue Wolf & Friends allows children to learn while they play. Language comes to life through our dynamic multimedia service which:
  • Fosters your child's interest in language learning
  • Energizes the study process
  • Increases your child's English fluency and cultural understanding
  • Reinforces learning with family-centered exercises and activities