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The channel takes another big step by offering its Latin American audience the most innovative and interactive methods for learning new languages. Cl@se has formalized an alliance with Progressive Language that will allow it to bring the Blue Wolf & Friends English program into our homes and schools.

   Miami, Fl, March 1st, 2004 - Cl@se, Latin America's pioneer educational multimedia channel and Progressive Language, a US based company, announced today the signing of an agreement that will allow them to join efforts in providing an innovative method for teaching English to children in Latin America through the Internet. To achieve this, both companies will jointly provide and disseminate the Blue Wolf & Friends interactive immersion English learning program.

   "One of our stronger educational goals is to teach both children and adults of Latin America different languages through interactive programs that allow them to apply the lessons beyond the classroom, to everyday life. Thus was born our successful Laboratorio de Idiomas (Language Lab), through which we have combined the television courses with interactive methods in order to teach French and English. Now, with the great contribution made by Progressive Language, through its Blue Wolf & Friends program, our language area will be greatly enhanced and we will be able to offer our audience an innovative method to learn English at home", said Maria Ignacia Arcaya, cl@se's general manager.

   Blue Wolf & Friends differs from the other language teaching programs in that it presents a language's different uses in a dynamic, fun and organized way and in energetic environments that represent everyday living. It complements what students learn in the classroom by taking them to the language's place of origin and allowing them to use their knowledge, thus turning it into a real-life experience, and accelerating the fluency of the children.

   "This agreement with cl@se is an important step for our global launch of the Blue Wolf & Friends immersion program. Cl@se's reputation and penetration, both in homes and schools throughout Latin America, will give great exposure to our innovative service. Our addition to cl@se's already successful Laboratorio de Idiomas is a unique opportunity for parents and educators to introduce their children to the English language and to U.S. culture without having to travel", added Tim Keller, president and CEO of Progressive Language Inc.

About Cl@se:
   Cl@se is Latin America's first multimedia and educational TV channel which, since 1996, has been offering the best in international educational entertainment, 24 hours a day. Programming covers a wide range of subjects such as language, science, math, the arts and other innovations. Cl@se is part of the initiatives put forth by the Fundaci�n Cisneros international services in Latin America, offering its audience top notch onscreen resources, as well as reference materials on its web page ( cl@se provides TV viewers innovative tools that make learning fun and fascinating, stimulating creativity by giving preponderance to the power of teaching through entertainment. Presently, cl@se reaches the homes of 1.8 million subscribers in Latin America and 30,000 schools in Mexico.

About Progressive Language, Inc.
   Progressive Language ( is an innovative educational media company specializing in Language Learning, and has developed a patent-pending learning methodology to accelerate the fluency of learners. Progressive Language is developing both online and offline resources for learners, parents, and educators that enable long term language learning success. Blue Wolf & Friends ( is their video-based, English program for children and English World Connect ( is their English interaction module for adults.

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