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In the Classroom

Enhance, Expand, Excel
Blue Wolf & Friends is the perfect complement to your existing curriculum. Including the program in your current offerings allows your institution to:
  • Enhance the success of your current programs
  • Expand your offerings to students
  • Excel in the marketplace
The Blue Wolf & Friends Advantage - Accelerated Fluency
Our program provides:
  • Engaging programs to maintain and increase your student's interest
  • Exposure to native English speaking children
  • Reinforcement activities to do with your students
  • Assessments that allow you to track your student's progress
  • Flexibility and unlimited repetition of programs via the Internet
What makes Blue Wolf & Friends unique?
Blue Wolf & Friends allows children to learn while they play. Language comes to life through our dynamic multimedia service. We provide a skill based, preliterate program that focuses on:
  • Listening comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Non-verbal and cultural communication
How does this differentiate us?
We bring the benefits of immersion to you.
  • Our methodology provides exposure to actual language usage in relevant contexts. Increasing the understanding of the language as it is used in daily life.
We provide flexibility
  • Blue Wolf & Friends can be integrated directly into your curriculum or used as a reinforcement activity.
We energize the learning process
  • Our videos, music, activities, assessments, and website are designed to transmit the lessons in an entertaining and educational fashion.