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Tips for using the program.

Daily exposure
Repetition and consistent exposure yield the best results when learning a language. Create a routine for your child's English study. Establish a regular time for your child to use the program everyday. With Blue Wolf & Friends, you can use the program at your convenience.
Encourage and participate with your child
Activities and exercises reinforce your child's language skills. Get involved by participating in each lesson's activities. Encourage your child by showing an interest in what he is learning.
Create an Activities Notebook
The activities can be downloaded, printed out, and placed in a binder for easy retrieval and reference. The activities are fun ways to reinforce the language skills and allow you to get involved with your child's learning.
Track progress
Blue Wolf & Friends provides a progress page for you to track your child's progress. We also post Certificates of Completion when your child successfully completes three units or 15 lessons. Print out these certificates and display them proudly. The whole family will share in your child's success.