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Tips for using the program.

Integrate program into classes
Blue Wolf & Friends is designed to teach the first 500 words most relevant to the English language. You can use the program as the core of your curriculum by having teachers build lessons around the vocabulary in each Blue Wolf & Friends video lesson.
Use program as additional resource
A unique feature of the program is that it does not have to be integrated into your curriculum to be successful. Students can use Blue Wolf & Friends on their own time or during lab time. We provide each student an account to access either at home or in your school's computer lab. This gives them the freedom to access the program with minimal teacher support.
Create an Activities Notebook
Teachers can quickly download, print, and collate activity pages in a binder for easy retrieval and reference. The activities reinforce language skills and the notebook allows the teacher easy access to these tools.
Wall of Achievement
Blue Wolf & Friends provides a progress page for you to track student progress. We also post Certificates of Completion when students successfully complete three units or 15 lessons. Print out these certificates and display them on the classroom wall. The students will take pride in having their accomplishments displayed. You can even print out a certificate for the student to take home with them.